There are many chrome/firefox extensions which can auto fill forms but most of them can’t fill with 100% accuracy and not support multiple candidate profile making them unfit for auto fill government job.

Now the question is

How to autofill government job forms

FmForm is the best auto fill extension to auto fill govt. job forms, which have many features list below:

  • specially made to autofill govt. job forms
  • 100% accuracy
  • live sync data between different browsers/desktops
  • live data backup/restore
  • multiple candidate profile (useful for online forms fill shop)

You can watch how autofill job forms works

Download FmForm

First of all download autofill job forms extension from google chrome web store or from firefox store

How to use FmForm autofill extension

You can learn how to use autofill government job forms using this video.

After downloading simply login with your mobile number, then you can test the autofill extension by using demo email or you can enter any candidate email, after selecting candidate, select the form you want to autofill from the list and click start to open the form site.

Now when the form website loads you can press ALT+Q shortcut or right-click then fmform autofill to fill the form, the whole page will be fill with the saved details.

Please Note that FmForm can only fill the data if it is saved. To save the data for a new candidate you should use the save data tab to save the data, alternatively you can fill the form directly. When you will fill the form the details will be saved automatically for that candidate.